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Ice Skating Associations form ACSFA

In August 2020 the following Skating Associations helped form a new non profit organization with the purpose of taking over management of the Municipal owned ice rinks. The purpose was to have the main users of the ice arenas take over responsibility for management, planning and community engagement.

Our organization started to reach out to the municipality's administration (MOA) and assembly members to transfer these responsibilities similarly to how the transfer of management of the Anchorage Museum to the newly created not-for-profit that was created.  The MOA entered into a agreement with the Anchorage Museum Association in 2005, which took over management of the Anchorage Museum of History and Art (No. AO 2005-137S)


ACSFA’s purpose is to provide to the MOA a community managed nonprofit organization to promote and operate certain MOA athletic facilities.


ACSFA’s mission is to maximize public access to safe, clean, and modern athletic and ice skating facilities, at the least cost, without discriminating against any individual or user group (i.e. gender, economic status, skill level, age, ethnicity, etc.).

Members of the Association:

Alaska Association of Figure Skaters, Inc.

Alaska Allstar Hockey Association

 Anchorage Hockey Officials, Inc.

Anchorage Hockey Association

 Anchorage Women’s Hockey League Inc.

Scotty Gomez Foundation Hockey Association, Inc.

ACSFA EIN# 86-3234235

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With Daily/Weekly and web based ice schedules. The User groups and the public will know when open skate and shinny hockey is available. We are looking at providing individual and family memberships for use with regularly scheduled open skate and shinny hockey. If the ice is not being rented the day prior any open sheet of ice will be alternated for use by open skate or shinny hockey.


We are requesting subsidies from the MOA to reverse the trend in membership for our user groups. Anchorage Public Ice Arenas are the highest in the State.

Ice Hockey Goalkeeper
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We have a long term plan to replace Ben Boeke and to potentially own Dempsey Anderson. We will actively work with the city to fundraise for planning, permitting and financing a multi sport and use facility.

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